How We Move Pets
Our expert team, move management technology, and worldwide network guarantee your pet will be treated as a best friend should, every step of the way.

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Road Freight

We offer door-to-door ground transportation for pets within the continental U.S. We use a hub-and-spoke model for our ground service, similar to how airlines operate.

Air travel is very safe and the most expedient option for most pet moves. Sometimes, though, your pet is better served by ground transportation. Or, as a pet parent, you may feel more comfortable having your pet transported by ground. This service can be ideal if your move is a shorter distance.

Air Freight

We have long-standing relationships with airlines worldwide, so we navigate the carrier-and-route selection process more efficiently than you can on your own (and with a lot less frustration!).

Every move is different, and every pet is special. At EasternAir Cargo, we are pet relocation experts. Moving is stressful for everyone, including your four-legged family members. We understand your concerns because we’re pet parents, too. You can count on us to provide caring, compassionate attention to detail for your beloved pets, just as you do.

We offer comprehensive door-to-door transport, across America or around the world. With decades of experience under our belts, we think we’ve seen it all. So no matter what your pet’s travel plans, we can help them get there as quickly and comfortably as possible.

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We have a team of enthusiastic travel coordinators who are accomplished at working with corporate clients. We can arrange door-to-door transport between virtually any location in USA, Canada and any location in the world.

Our coordinators have access to a network of reputable and experienced agents worldwide, with whom Worldwide Animal Travel has established longstanding relationships. Through this network of overseas agents, we can arrange any travel service you may need.

Collection from and delivery to specified addresses
Airline-approved pet carriers and custom-built carriers for strong breeds
Blood tests and vaccinations
Health certificates
Government validations
Export permits
Pre-flight care and boarding
Flight bookings
Transit care
Customs clearance
Import permits

More Services

We’re pet parents ourselves, so we know you’re likely to experience separation anxiety while your four-legged family is in transit. That’s why we’ve created the EasternAir Pet Protection. Any dog or cat traveling anywhere in the world is eligible for our Pet Protection Plan.

There are three coverage benefits, all of which apply while your pet is in transit:

1. Veterinary expenses
This covers the cost of emergency treatment should your pet become ill or injured during transport. It excludes pre-existing clinical conditions, which must be communicated prior to your pet’s departure

2. Emergency repatriation and/or quarantine expenses
This applies if your travel must be cancelled due to a family emergency (such as serious illness or a death) while your pet is in transit. It covers any resulting costs you may incur for your pet’s return, boarding, and/or quarantine.

3. Substitution value
This provides replacement value should your pet die during transport due to accident, illness, or injury. Coverage also applies should your pet be lost or stolen during transit.

There are a wide variety of transport crates available, and some are more suitable than others depending on the type of traveling you plan to do.

Soft-Sided Crates

Soft-sided travel crates are certainly convenient. They’re lightweight and made of sturdy canvas or nylon mesh. The models are collapsible for quick and easy storage, and easily pop back up when you need them again.

Although soft-sided transport crates are useful in many situations, they do not offer the best safety for your pet while riding in cars. They will keep your dog contained, but there’s not much protection during an impact.

Climate Controlled Crates

Climate controlled dog crates are the wave of the future. A big step up from standard plastic carriers, these models have a built in temperature modulator that holds the crate at the ideal ambient temperature by either cooling or heating the crate interior as needed. Simply switch the unit on, and it will monitor conditions on its own. This type of travel crate makes traveling in hot or cold weather far more comfortable for your pet, not to mention safer.


Aluminum Travel Crates

Many dog enthusiasts who work with working breeds use aluminum box-type crates. These transport crates are certainly sturdy and will make the most excitable sporting dog feel secure. Sizes are typically larger to accommodate even the largest working breeds.

Airline Approved Crates

If you plan on traveling with your dog by air, an airline approved travel crate is a must. You dog won’t be allowed on the plane without one. Airline crates are made from, high impact plastic, and have steel mesh windows and a door for good ventilation. They are also perfect for everyday car transport.


Where can we arrange ground transport for your pet?

Oftentimes, pet owners need help transporting their pets. You may be moving to a new location and traveling with your children and valuables. You may just want to relax and have your pet relocated safely from your old home to your new home.

With our door to door ground or air service, we will make all the arrangements and deliver your pet safely to their destination. This is our door to door service. We take pride in getting your pet to where it needs to go safely and comfortably.

In EasternAir Cargo we have Kennel and Cattery for our customers to use our service. We can assure that your cuddly critter will be in the loving hands of a responsible staff in a safe and cozy home — belly rubs and playtime guaranteed! When we’re watching your pet we always make sure to give them plenty of fresh air and opportunities to socialize with other pets in the area.

Pet Travel—Ensure your pet’s travel documentation is correct.
EasternAir can assist the do-it-yourself shipper.
For a fee we can review the paperwork neces

Paperwork problems might mean:

A cancelled pet shipment
A delay in customs clearance in the destination country
Quarantine in a foreign country
Denied entrance to that country, resulting in a return shipment to the departing country (at the owner’s expense)


Do you know how to deal with pet transportation rules and regulations?

It is not uncommon for the EasternAir Cargo office to make arrangements for a health certificate, vaccines or other veterinary services. A health certificate is only good for ten days, so in boarding situations the kennel or EasternAir Cargo must arrange for this service. We use several different veterinary facilities:


When you’re not able to travel with your pet on a move or vacation outside your country, you’ll need someone you can trust to take good care of this important member of your family.

Relocating your pet from one country to another involves paperwork, transportation, proper identification, and pickup and delivery. Above all, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable during their trip, and that everything from check-in to clearing customs is smooth and uneventful.

When you’re not able to travel with your pet on a move or vacation within the United States, you’ll need someone you can trust to ensure this important member of your family makes it to their destination safely and comfortably.

Relocating your pet domestically involves paperwork, transportation, proper identification, and pickup and delivery. Above all, you want to make sure that your pet is comfortable during their trip, and that everything from check-in to pick up is smooth and uneventful.

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