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With 26 years of experience shipping live animals, EasternAir Cargo primary objective is to provide the utmost care for your animals on the ground and in the air. All live animal shipments are handled by trained professionals and in full compliance with the International Air Transport Live Animal Regulations.

Through detailed planning and special handling, our customized shipping solutions for transporting live animals are designed to maximize the safety of all our animal passengers. All animals are transported in approved cages or species appropriate shipping containers. For the added comfort and well-being of horses during the fight, EasternAir Cargo permits horse handles on board its freighters.

Prompt & Reliable Services

At EasternAir Cargo, an animals safety and comfort are our top priorities. While air travel can be stressful to passengers, it can be extremely difficult for animals.

We are specialists in pet care and comfort, taking on as much or as little of the relocation process as you need us to. Planning your relocation or holiday with your pet in mind can often be a time consuming and daunting task, however with EasternAir Cargo, transporting your pet overseas has never been easier. At EasternAir Cargo we take care of all the difficult stuff and will help you navigate the rest.

Core Values

EasternAir Cargo offers a designated shipping solution for live animals called AC Animals. It is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all animals. Priority 1 Service Level:

Designated agents for bookings and questions about live shipments
Specially trained staff to care of animals while under our care
Bonded kennel facilities for comfort stops for pets in transit EasternAir Cargo strictly adheres to the regulations set forth by Live Animal Regulations.

We can advise you on flight regulations, pet passports, pet travel after Brexit, pre-travel checklists, pet-friendly airlines, arrivals process, travel restrictions and so much more.

Our Vision & Mission

We transport everything from exotic animals, wildlife, livestock, aquarium specimen and, of course, pets.
The competence, the assistance and the love we offer your animal is the result of a thirty year experience of care and respect for every type of animal.
We care for your animals during every step of their trip making sure that the they have a safe, sound and comfortable trip.

EasternAir Cargo have been transporting pets both domestically and internationally for over 26 years. Our team of pet loving experts includes pet travel consultants, vets and pet handlers, all of whom understand that pets are part of the family. Your first step should be to seek the help of our experienced team. EasternAir Cargo can arrange absolutely everything for you and with our door to door service you will barely have to lift a finger, which will ensure you can relax knowing that your beloved pet is in the very best of hands.

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